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About me

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I’m Zach, a video designer specializing in projections for musicals.


For the last eleven years, I have had the pleasure of working on a wide array of productions, bringing stories to life through the power of visual projections, lighting, scenic, and graphic design.

I believe that projection design is an integral part of theatre, elevating productions by adding depth, heightening emotion, and immersing the audience in the story.

In addition to creating bespoke designs, I offer rental packages for those looking to easily elevate their productions with cutting-edge visuals.  Click here to learn more.


Whether the projections shine in the spotlight or dissolve into the background, I aim to craft seamless and immersive experiences that leave a meaningful impression.

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Projection Design

Tailor-made projection designs to bring your creative vision to life.

Through diligent collaboration and understanding, I create unique and immersive projection experiences. 

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Projection Rentals

State of the art projection packages that level-up your production. Whether intimate venue or a grand stage, these projections are sure to help bring your story to life.

Get in Touch

Want to know more, inquire about a design, or ask me a question?

Let's get in touch!

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