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The Essential Package

All the projection essentials needed to bring your production to life.

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The Deluxe Package

Everything the essential package has, plus more animation, more locations, and more control.

The essential package

What's included?

For your production, I've got the solution,

With still images, in high resolution.

From Whoville's charm to Solla Sollew's strife,

These projections help bring your vision to life.

See samples of all the environments below.

Essential package includes a Powerpoint download.

Rent the essential package now

deluxe package

What's included?

Everything you could wish for in projections,

ambient movement and so many selections.

Bright environments for every scene

plus great animations up on your screen!

Animation through jungles and into the sky,

from auction to circus like a treat for the eye!

With mood shifts dynamic, and lights that gleam,

your scenes come alive, like a vivid dream.

See samples of all the environments below.

Deluxe package includes a Powerpoint and QLab download.

What's new in the deluxe package

• An animated sequence taking you through a Seusseby's painting, right into the circus

• Flowing waterfalls in the Jungle of Nool

• Fully animated sequences for Chsing the Whos and Egg, Nest, and Tree

• Jungle variations for Mayzie, Gertrude, and the Wickershams

• A disco lighting loop for the end of Jungle of Nool

• Animated invisible ink, a gink, and a stair to the sky, captivating your audience at the very start

• Animated floating water in McElligot's Pool

• A flooded bathroom complete with moving water

• Active rainstorms, snow, and sleet

• A "YOPP" animation keeping your audience captivated till the very end.

Rent the deluxe package now

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