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The Essential Package

All the projection essentials needed to bring your production to life.

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The Deluxe Package

Everything the essential package has, plus more animation, more locations, and more control.

The essential package

What's included?

Everything you need to bring your production to life.

With still images for every scene, we've got you covered from the gym all the way to the cafeteria.

See samples of all the environments below.

Essential package includes a Powerpoint download.

Rent the essential package now

deluxe package

What's included?

Everything you could wish for in projections.

Environments for every scene, plus animations taking you further into East High, the Ski Resort, and everything in between. Your scenes will pop with dynamic mood changes and lighting effects built in.

See samples of all the environments below.

Deluxe package includes a Powerpoint and QLab download.

What's new in the deluxe package

• Animation into the front doors of East High

• Cues for the "boy band" sections of Getcha Head in the Game

 A sparkly animated background for Sharpay and Ryan

• Rock n roll lighting effects for Stick to the Status Quo

• Mood variations for the rooftop garden

• A video loop with floating social icons for Cellular Fusion

• Color variations for scenes in the theatre

• A colorful rendition of our gym for We're All in This Together

• Animated backgrounds for each section of the megamix, sure to keep your audience captivated till the end.

Rent the deluxe package now

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