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The Essential Package

All the projection essentials needed to bring your production to life.

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The Deluxe Package

Everything the essential package has, plus more animation, more locations, and more control.

The essential package

What's included?

Everything you need to bring your production to life.

Still images for every scene, plus an animated sequence so your twister can whisk the audience away with Dorothy.

A Wizard head, and a a castle fit for a Wicked Witch.

See samples of all the environments below.

Essential package includes a Powerpoint download.

Rent the essential package now

deluxe package

What's included?

Everything you could wish for in projections.

Environments for every scene, subtle animation loops to breath life into locations like the haunted forest or the witch's gates. An animated twister sequence sure to whisk everyone away, a moving wizard head, smokey witch writing, and a reverse twister to keep your audience entranced till the end.

See samples of all the environments below.

Deluxe package includes a Powerpoint and QLab download.

What's new in the deluxe package

• Beautiful animated sequences that take you between the cornfield, the Tinman's woods, and the Lion's forest.

• Swirling snow magic in the poppy field

• Roaring fireballs in the Wizard's chamber

 A windy animation showing the incoming storm

• A Munchkinland variation showing the Witch's presence

• Spooky lightning and rain outside the witch's gates

• Sinister smoky writing that spells "Surrender Dorothy"

• A Beautiful view of the Emerald City at Night

• The "Reverse Twister" sequence swirling the audience back to Kansas

Rent the deluxe package now

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